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Criminal Lawyer Seattle is a professional network of criminal defense attorneys. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in the Greater Seattle Area then contact us immediately.


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Drug Crimes

We can defend cases all the way from misdemeanor possession up to Class A felonies and beyond.

Domestic Violence

Family situations can be complicated. Let us simplify them if it turns into a criminal matter.

Record Expungement

Everyone deserves a second chance. In some cases we can remove prior convictions from your criminal record.

Violent Crimes

Assault and battery, aggravated assaults, robbery, and more. Get advice on how we can help.

Traffic Offenses

Being arrested for a DUI or any other traffic offense can cost you time and freedom.

Sex Crimes

Let us help give your side of the story if you have been accused of or arrested for a sex offense.


Property crimes and theft can result in prison time if not handled correctly.

Professional And Experienced Criminal Law Attorneys

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We only work with fully qualified attorneys with a proven track record in the Greater Seattle Area.

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Being charged with a crime can be terrifying if you don't have any experience with the legal system. Criminal Lawyers Seattle helped point me in the right direction when I really needed it.
Sheila Monty
Sheila Monty
Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't found the right lawyer? Luckily, Criminal Lawyer Seattle connected me with the best attorney for my situation.
Harry Johnson